domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Our school!!! by Aldana and Erika 1ºA

Our school!!!
by Aldana and Erika

Hi! Our names are Aldana Ledesma and Erika Gallardo. We are 12 years old and we are from Claypole, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are students at Adolfo Alsina Institute. We are in 1ºst year A ESB. We like the playground and our classroom. Our classes begin at 07:30 and finish at 12:50. Our school uniform is a green tracksuit with a T-shirt. In our class we are 37 students and there are 16 computers in the computer room. We are best friends and our favourite days are Monday and Saturday. Our favourite subjects are Art, Maths and Natural Science. Our favourite teacher is Mr. Ezequiel. He is our Natural Science teacher.